Act as a creative problem solver to help connect Employees to the Core of the Business


The primary goal was to keep internal stakeholders informed about key product launches and upgrades within a large FMCG company with over 50 brands and hundreds of SKUs. This initiative aimed to strengthen the connection between employees and the products, ensuring all functions had a comprehensive view of the manufacturing and product side of the business.

The problem

In a vast organization with numerous brands and SKUs, maintaining consistent, clear, and effective communication about product updates and launches was challenging. Ensuring that all internal stakeholders were informed and engaged required a reliable, streamlined communication strategy that could overcome the complexity and volume of information.


The solution was the creation of a monthly newsletter, “HUL Connect,” designed to provide consistent, simple, and engaging updates across various functions. The following steps were taken to develop and implement this communication tool:
‣  Strategic Format Development: A format for information collection and dissemination was devised to ensure the newsletter was quick to consume and easy to develop consistently each month.
‣  Information Collation: Engaged with key internal brand managers and product heads through emails, personal visits, and phone calls to gather timely and accurate data.
‣  Bite-Sized Stories: Organized the information into concise, easily consumable stories to maintain interest and engagement.
‣  Visually Engaging Design: Designed the newsletter to be visually appealing, enhancing readability and retention of information.


The HUL Connect newsletter achieved significant positive outcomes:

‣  Reference Tool: Became a go-to reference point for several leadership meetings, facilitating ease of access to past information for key decision-making processes.
‣  Media Resource: Provided valuable content for media responses, ensuring accurate and timely information dissemination.
‣  Mitigated Misinformation: Helped reduce rumors and hearsay regarding new product launches, celebrity brand ambassadors, and promotional schemes by providing employees with an authoritative in-house news source.
‣  Enhanced Engagement: Fostered a stronger connection between employees and the company’s products, enhancing their understanding and involvement in the business.

By focusing on the key communication pillars of consistency, simplicity, and collaboration, HUL Connect successfully bridged the information gap within the organization. This initiative not only improved internal communication but also reinforced the company’s commitment to keeping its employees informed and engaged.

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