Act as Employer Partner for Internal Facility Inauguration and R&D Center Expansion


The primary goal was to establish the new facility as the premier MedTech R&D hub in Telangana. This involved attracting top talent with a target of recruiting 1,500 professionals over the next three years and positioning the facility as a leader in healthcare technology innovation.

The problem

Effective communication with multiple stakeholders was critical to maintain uniform messaging, ensure consistent and timely information dissemination, build trust, and reinforce the facility’s reputation as a talent and innovation hub in the healthcare sector.


To achieve these objectives, a comprehensive strategy was implemented, which included the following components:
‣  Employer Partnership: Collaborated closely with internal teams and external partners to ensure seamless execution.
‣  Internal Communications Plan: Created a detailed internal communications strategy to engage and inform the current workforce of over 2000 employees, ensuring alignment with the facility’s goals and vision.
Creative Conceptualization: Innovatively conceptualized the facility’s positioning and messaging to highlight its role as a cutting-edge R&D hub.
Internal Stakeholder Coordination: Coordinated efforts between local and global stakeholders to ensure alignment and support for the project.
Agency Partner Management: Oversaw agency partners to ensure the delivery of high-quality outputs that met the project’s objectives.


The project yielded significant positive outcomes:

‣  Employee Engagement: The internal communications plan effectively engaged over 2000 employees.
‣  Over 50 internal stakeholders were involved in planning.
Over 80 creative assets were developed including mailers, videos, branding, social & internal posts​.

By meticulously executing this comprehensive strategy, the new facility successfully positioned itself as a leader in MedTech innovation, attracting top talent and gaining recognition from key stakeholders.

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